How to choose a blanket

A good blanket is a prerequisite for a healthy, restful and comfortable sleep. Every buyer always has an idea about the convenience of bedding. Reflecting on how to choose a blanket, it is useful to heed the advice of experts. With their help, it is easier to understand the variety of the range and find a really high-quality product that meets individual requirements and wishes.

What blanket to choose

Bedding - not those things that you can choose from the photo in online stores. Before buying you need to think in advance about all the basic qualities of the product: size, sewing technology, material, filler, warming properties. With the first characteristic, everything is more or less clear: the size can be single, one-and-a-half or double. When choosing it, you need to take into account only personal preferences and the possibility of selecting suitable bed linen.
For coating used woven materials - coarse, satin, polyester. As for the sewing technology, according to this parameter, all products are divided into quilted, kostepnye and cassette. Quilt is made with a special quilting, which secures the filler. In kostepnyh products, the filler is held by stitching Cassette models have separate sections with a filler inside each. They are considered the most wear-resistant and easy-to-care, as they best hold the filler, preventing it from rolling into lumps.

For newborns

The standard size of the product for newborns is 120x120 cm. Experts recommend choosing lightweight models with a practical cotton cover, avoiding synthetics. It is better if the thing is completely natural and environmentally friendly. However, among synthetic models, you can also find a blanket suitable for a newborn's bed, the main thing is to check the availability of quality certificates.
When choosing it is important to consider the season. In summer, a child can be covered with a light flannelette, fleece, silk or thin wool blanket, under which he will not sweat. For winter, a warmer version is required - a downy, padding polyester or wadded product. The blanket, which is planned to be used during walks, is desirable to choose among models with removable covers.

For summer

Which blanket is best for hot seasons? For warm summer nights, it is recommended to choose silk products, wool blend rugs, light bedspreads with bamboo or other vegetable fillers. It is very uncomfortable to use models with synthetic winterizer, wool and down in summer - it is too hot to sleep or rest under them. The exception may be thin wool products.

For winter

The warmest for the winter and other cold periods of the year should be chosen among the models with high-quality filler, which has sufficient ability to retain heat. The degree of heat transfer of the product is indicated on the label to the product in the form of points. They can be from one to five. The more points, the warmer the model. Keep in mind that the best materials include:

natural and artificial down;
camel and sheep wool;
synthetic winterizer;
thick cotton blankets warm up well in the cold season.

For all seasons

The most practical version of the all-season blanket is considered a bilateral product. One side is trimmed with regular fabric and the other with wool or fur. There are also double models. In cold weather, two canvases are fastened together with strings, buttons or buttons, and in the warm time they unfasten the lighter and use it separately. For any season suitable products with fillers such as holofiber or silicone fiber. They provide comfortable sleep both in winter and in summer.